Senior Citizens Support


The population grows old as large groups retire and every new generation gets to live longer than the previous generations. Simultaneously statistics show that old people in general are wealthy. There are signs of willingness among senior citizens to spend more money on their own health and safety. Our investment in “SeniorStøtten” continues to bring a smile into the life of an increasing number of senior citizens.

Early in 2007 Centennial acquired SeniorStøtten, a small business within the elderly care sector. SeniorStøtten, established in 2001, was among the first private players in Oslo providing care services in the senior citizens’ homes. Through this acquisition Centennial has a platform for building a strong and well-known company supplementing the local authorities’ service for the most disabled inhabitants. In its ownership Centennial will emphasize on confidence, reputation and stable manpower.

Having ambitions of being present in more Norwegian cities SeniorStøtten at the end of 2007 bought another care company, called “Helse og Omsorg”. This company offers basic home services in co-operation with the municipality of Tønsberg. Due to liberalization needy inhabitants of Tønsberg are free to choose between three private players, in addition to the local service. A couple of years after the liberalization the private share has grown to 15 %, with our operations representing the major part. A similar development is expected in Drammen, which is another central city in Norway. SeniorStøtten has established a completely new business in Drammen. In co-operation with the local authorities basic home services are being offered. In Oslo SeniorStøtten provides a wide range of commercial services within the care sector. Our customers buy products as social company, housekeeping and nursing. These supplementary services are produced by experienced staff of nurses, which allows us to target the high-end market in the West End of the capital. The company’s strategy is to build a strong brand within this demanding and profitable market. This is possible by delivering hearty care in elderly people’s homes, quality and discretion, combined with addressing their relatives in the initial sales phase.

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