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Sanremo, Centennial will complete the "C2" area, building the streets and 50 new apartments

Procedures and Facilities

Procedures and Facilities

The construction has already started, the two buildings of “Lotto 17 and 3” will be completed spring of 2021. There is the possibility to customise each unit.

There is big news in the real estate scene in Sanremo. And that is the two buildings in the «C2» area, on the hill of San Lorenzo, under construction by Centennial Italia, a leading company in the sector. A safe investment for those looking for a primary residence. Centennial has already started the building sites, especially the infrastructure of the new housing units (and the "C2" in general) resulting from an agreement reached with the municipality. The asphalt road will lead to the two buildings with a total of 50 units, mainly two and three-room apartments. The goal is to complete the two buildings, harmonised with the surrounding environment in pastel colours, by spring of 2021. The engineering phase was done by Piermassimo Arnaudo from Sanremo, while the project management is lead by, being the sole director of Centennial Italia, Oskar Nilner (who has already worked for the same company these last years on the Côte d'Azur). Centennial has found an outstanding financial partner in Banca Intesa (who will also offer mortgages for the future buyers, without restrictions for the same). The Centennial buildings give the possibility to make a safe investment for those who dream of a new home. Both for the prices that is offered by the subsidised residential building agreement (price/sqm agreed with the municipality), and the high quality of the finalisations. Each new owner can customise his apartment with the finishes he prefers and adapt it to his needs. The types of apartments offered vary, with garden, with terrace and some even with duplex option. Each apartment will be "equipped" with a cellar and a parking space. Centennial's real estate operation is aimed at enhancing the area and at the same time as exploring a new market, the Italian one, which is showing "hunger" for new homes. Anyone interested in buying and who wants to know more about the project, touch the materials and deal with all kinds of information can already contact the sales office where you will find at your disposal capable staff giving professional and above all immediate answers. The possibility offered by Centennial is to buy one’s principal residence as a custom-made suit, to change and improve one’s quality of life as well as that of their loved ones. A dream, on the hill of Sanremo, that can become reality in a very near future and clearly represent an important investment for the future.

Types of apartments suitable for all needs and requirements: city residence and main residence purchase

"An opportunity for all, homes that can meet the needs of single people, couples and families". Oskar Nilner, Centennial Italia's sole director, outlines the possibilities for the potential client. "With professionalism and availability, we will be able to provide information and clarification on this real estate project which we strongly believe in and that represents a first important step of our company on the Italian market". The residential building agreement allows you to buy real estate even with a bank loan. The essential conditions for accessing the project? Only two: having one’s main residence in Sanremo (for min six months per year) and the fact that it is the principal house. The legislation also allows, in case of necessity or change of personal conditions, to immediately sell the newly purchased accommodation. The only condition is linked to the price that for the first five years of the contract remains tied to the purchase price with any increase linked to the ISTAT adjustment. Reliability and professionalism are the guarantees of Centennial Italia. The excavation and the work in progress are under the eyes of everybody, it is sufficient to take “Corso degli Inglesi” to understand that something is changing. And Centennial Italia is taking care of it.

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